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Who We Are

We are a company founded more than 30 years ago, working in the natural and composite stone sector, achieving excellent quality in the manufacture of products derived from marble, onyx, natural granite and quartz for the construction industry. We specialize in the manufacture and placement of kitchen covers, sinks, tables, bar counters, stairs, partitions, fireplaces, and coatings. 

We have extensive experience in the development of projects, hotels, offices, residential, schools, shopping malls, etc., using as a strategy, the meticulous selection of our materials, state-of-the-art machinery and highly qualified labor. 

We are not sellers of products, we are allies in the development of projects.

We only work with top quality material

We live in highly competitive times in which price and service are decisive factors, we know how important it is to finish a project on time and with quality, that is why we exist.

Numbers Speak for Themselves

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What makes us better


With a higher volume of products in our warehouse, we offer more options available from stock. This includes items not available from our competitors. For example, certain granite patterns are made specifically for us.


Our customers, independent building contractors and remodelers, are generally not able to buy from granite companies in bulk. One less step means more savings for the end user.


Since Granite Liquidators operates as a wholesale granite company, we source our own stone from the quarry. We make sure you get what you expect. Our long relationship with our suppliers allows us to offer special orders, special patterns and custom work.

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