Covers for your kitchens, bathroom walls and islands.

We are a company dedicated to the production and marketing of natural products for coatings used in construction and interior decoration. We specialize in materials such as marble, granite, onyx, quarry, slate and handicrafts, both national and imported.

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We are a company founded more than 30 years ago, working in the natural and composite stone sector, achieving excellent quality in the manufacture of products derived from marble, onyx, natural granite and quartz for the construction industry.

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Learn about our variety of products available to you from the comfort of your home. Order, receive and our expert technicians will install it for you


We live in times of high competitiveness with different marble factories in which price and service are decisive factors, we know how important it is to finish a work on time and with quality, that is why we exist.

Kitchen Bars

The best of nature in your kitchen. We use unique pieces of natural stone, resistant and elegant. A new finish that will transform your kitchen.

Sink Countertops

Once you have chosen the material of your choice, we take care of rectifying measurements and the complete installation of your kitchen cover.


Marble or Granite works well anywhere, and is easy to combine with other elements such as wood, iron or copper and with any shade of furniture.

Installation & Repair

We intervene your spaces to transform them with national and imported materials. All kitchen countertops are made to measure, we use unique pieces of marble and granite of high resistance and durability.


When it comes to creating an elegant, luxurious look, marble has attractive veins and swirls that give each piece a unique look, so no two slabs are exactly alike.


Fireplaces, are a place of warmth and gathering in your home. Your home is an eye-catcher and will make a statement about your home. Building codes require that your fireplace be surrounded by a non-combustible material, so natural stone is the ideal choice.


The cohesive use of granite throughout your home will add to the overall effect and increase the value of your home. If you’re thinking of selling, buyers appreciate the polished elegance of a granite tabletop.


The surprising colors and veins that marble and granite present are extremely attractive, which makes it an excellent option for modern, classic or traditional bathrooms.

Dare to live a new experience every day with our different designs for your kitchen

WE USE THE BEST MATERIALS The best of nature in your kitchen. We use unique pieces of natural stone, resistant and elegant. A new finish that will transform your kitchen. 

FREE ADVICE AND QUOTE We are suppliers of marble nationwide. Come to our showroom or contact us and let one of our advisors help you find the best option according to your tastes and budget.

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